• Asmara

    Jovis catalogue 2017

    Asmara - Africa’s Jewel of Modernity

    in Jovis cataloge 2017

    "The impressive photographs by Stefan Boness convey the unique atmosphere of Asmara as a living museum of modernity."

  • Schulz und Schulz

    spiegel & wirtschaftswoche 05/2017

    Sehnsucht nach Größe & Vorwärts (und nicht vergessen). Zwei aktuelle Fotos von Martin Schulz, die neue Hoffnung der SPD, im spiegel & wirtschaftswoche 05/2017 (via Ullsteinbild).

  • "ich mache, was ich will"

    taz 23/01/2017

    Meine 2 sec mit Gysi: "ich mache, was ich will" - und tschüs !

    in der taz heute

  • Hip und Völkisch ?

    Stern 51/2016

    Identität, Heimat, Postfaktisch etc... The Stern magazine titled the story about the Identitäre Bewegung / Identitarian movement Hip und Völkisch, and used two of my photos in their recent edition.

  • BZ 21/11/2016

    Ich mach's, weil ich's kann !

    Photo on the cover of the BZ today. Merkel forever ? Still can remember all the years with Kohl....

  • Flanders Fields

    Bildband Berlin - Book of the week

    Book of the week: Stefan Boness - Flanders Fields (signed)
    Verlag Bildschöne Bücher - 2008
    All along the westfront. Landscapes of a european war, that ends on november 11th 1918. The book is long time out of print, great to meet Stefan Boness and get some signed copies.

  • HighStreet

    on Panos Pictures

    HighStreet, my Brexit-story, now on Panos Pictures

    Photographed on an iPhone, Stefan Boness' series "High Street" is a visual exploration of the irreversible decline of a local cultural and commercial hub that is struggling in the face of an ever faster moving world.

  • 'Die Bewunderte'

    taz 10/102016

    'Die Bewunderte, Die Widersprüchliche, Die Kandidatin...'

    Sahra Wagenknecht, taz 10/10/2016

  • 'Finsternis'

    Stern 40/2016

    Real Darkness behind the sad story of Gerwald Claus-Brunner of the Piratenpartei. Photo taken a few years ago now published in the current Stern Magazine.

  • fotoMagazin 09/2016

    feature im aktuellen fotoMagazin von Anja Martin über meinen Berufsalltag als Fotojournalist

  • Razionalismo in Afrika

    FAZ 11/08/2016

    "Es sind herrliche Bilder." Freddy Langer, Buchbesprechung im Reiseteil der FAZ

    "Asmara heißt ein kleiner Bildband, in dem der Fotograf Stefan Boness die außergewöhnliche Architektur der Hauptstadt Eritreas vorstellt."

  • Pictorial 04/2016

    japan fleeting encounters

    Review of the photo book japan fleeting encounters in Pictorial Magazine 04/2016

  • Stern

    'Ihr Letzter Kampf' - photo of Angela Merkel in Stern Magazine 27/2016

  • LifeForce Magazine


    Asmara - Africa´s Jewel of Modernity is now featured in the August-issue of LifeForce Magazine

    The impressive photographs by Stefan Boness convey the unique atmosphere of Asmara as a living museum of modernity.

  • Spiegel 21/2016

    "Zu selten geweint" - photo of Alice Schwarzer published via UllsteinBild in Spiegel Magazine 31/2016


    Africa’s Jewel of Modernity

    The new book Asmara - Africa’s Jewel of Modernity is now published

    From the publisher Jovis: ‘Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, has one of the most extensive surviving ensembles of modernist architecture in the world. To this day, the influence of the former colonial power of Italy from the early 20th century remains visible. Many of the buildings, erected in the futuristic, expressionist, cubist or rationalistic style have been preserved… The impressive photographs by Stefan Boness convey the unique atmosphere of Asmara as a living museum of modernity.’

    A selection of photos can be seen on following slideshow.

  • Aston Martin Magazine

    Asmara - The Italian job

    A selction of the Asmara photos including an article based on an interview have been published as a portfolio story in the Aston Martin Magazine No 32.

  • Olympic Village

    Photoexhibition at Havelländische Künstlersymposium

    Olympic Village - Berlin's forgotten Lost Place

    I will be exhibiting my new work on the Olympic sites of the 1936 Berlin Olympics at a symposium entitled Flüchtig being held by the Havelländische Künstlersymposium

    on 12 June 2016 at Kunstmarktplatz Schönwalde

  • LifeForce Magazine


    'Japan-Fleeting Encounters'

    featured in the June-Issue of LifeForce Magazine

  • Grundeinkommen

    Wirtschaftwoche 22/2016

    Grundeinkommen statt Hartz IV

    Photo in Wirtschaftswoche: "Eigentlich aber ist es eine Selbstverständlichkeit"