• Asmara - Frozen City

    Magazin VI

    The photo essay about avant-garde architecture in Asmara / Eritrea has just been published in the Swedish Magazine VI

  • Exhibition Tel Aviv

    ullstein bild collection

    Berlin, Schützenstraße 15/17

    Unter dem Titel BAUHAUS: Architektur und die Moderne der Zwanziger Jahre – Photographien der ullstein bild collection zeigen wir die Aufnahmen unseres Fotografen Stefan Boness zur Weißen Stadt in Tel Aviv, veröffentlicht in der gleichnamigen Buchpublikation im jovis Verlag, dazu eine Auswahl von Vintage Fotografien von Lotte Jacobi bis László Moholy-Nagy und Zeitungspublikationen aus unserer Sammlung ullstein bild collection.

  • Merkel - Person Of The Year 2015

    Time Magazine

    Time Magazine announced the Person of the Year - Angela Merkel

    And writes "The German chancellor, whose leadership has helped preserve and promote an open, borderless Europe in the face of economic turmoil and an ongoing refugee crisis, is TIME’s 2015 Person of the Year."

    Photograph by Stefan Boness—PANOS


    MEMENTO MORAVIAE – a joined project by Czech poet Radek Malý and myself - presented via a webpage. Through a combined visual and lyrical approach, the project reflects on past history and traces its legacies in contemporary Moravia, Czech Republic.

  • Döpfner – Einfach mal Sexy sein

    Manager-Magazin 10/2015

    Portrait of Mathias Döpfner, ceo of Axel Springer, who already has transformed his heavyweight German publishing houses, turning it into a globe-spanning media player. While Springer pursues digital classifieds aggressively, we have to ask: what is happening to the print media ?

  • Merkel via iPhone

    Angela Merkel - Collage iPhonePotos

    The German chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have connected with the popular mood once again when she took the lead in welcoming refugees to Germany, here announced at the Bundespressekonferenz in Berlin. Photos taken via iPhone here.

    But only a few days later, the welcome became more qualified as temporary border controls were introduced - does this represent a wider change in policy towards refugees?

  • Walter Benjamin's last journey

    Chemin Walter Benjamin

    Blog by Tanja R. Müller with photos about Walter Benjamin's last journey 75 years ago & our attitudes towards contemporary refugees.

    The Chemin de Walter Benjamin is the path German-Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin took from Banyuls-sur-Mer in France across the Pyrenees to Portbou in Spain in September 1940 to escape persecution by the Nazis.

    After seven exhausting years of exile in different parts of Europe, when the local authorities in Spain threateded to sent him back, Benjamin committed suicide in Portbou. The end of Benjamin's final journey is today remembered with the 'Passages' Memorial - next to the municipal cemetery in Portbou where he was buried.

  • Schlimmer als Weselsky ?

    Bsirske in Cicero Magazine 07/2015

    Worse than Weselsky ? Is this possible or only bad PR Journalism ?

    Portrait of Frank Bsirske, the head of the union Ver.di, published in the new Cicero Magazine.

  • Stern - No Alternative AfD

    Alternative Für Nichts Mehr - Photo of Petry and Lucke published in Stern Magazine.

    Germany’s insurgent eurosceptic party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is facing a leadership crisis and a battle over its future direction that threatens to tear it apart.

  • al-Sisi visiting Berlin

    Quite unprecedented scenes took place in Berlin yesterday. What a relief to live in a society where free press regulations are quite good. Nothing to compare to the ‘patriotic’ claqueur journalists and jubilant followers of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

    Some of my photos can bee seen in this interesting blog by Dr. Tanja R. Müller.

  • Focus Magazine 21/2015

    Photo of Anshu Jain, co-chief executive of Deutsche Bank AG, just published in the Focus-Magazin. Focus reveals that Jain is under pressure for his handling of the Libor rate-rigging scandal. He is expected to face questions on his future amid a shareholder revolt.

  • Made Here Now

    Bentley car production in Crewe/GB

    The photos of Bentley, commissioned by the project Made Here Now, can be seen on this just released fascinating webpage, which explores the new world of manufacturing in Britain.

    The Bentley production line turns out some of the world's most sought-after cars but still depends on craft skills honed over generations. At 400 hours per car, it takes 17 times longer to build a Bentley than a VW Golf.

  • recent book covers

    Two recent book covers: One by Michael J. Shapiro with a photo from the Flanders Fields story, one by Carmen Bugan with a photo from the Iraq's Ghost Embassy story.

  • Life Force Magazine

    Iraq's ghost embassy in East Berlin

    Life Force Magazine published the story Iraq's Ghost Embassy in their April issue.

    The online magazine is a free, monthly, photo-led magazine which celebrates the art-form of the photo-essay. The selected photo-essays of Life Force magazine are about great photography and pushing the boundaries of the medium to explore conciousness and human perception, by harnessing the unique power that photography holds to capture a moment for analysis.

  • VG Bild-Kunst

    For the webpage of VG Bild-Kunst I was photographed by Hermann Bredehorst during a demonstration on 8th March. To be on the other side of the camera seems not to be easy at first, but at the end it was great fun with Hermann. And he takes good photos that’s for sure! More photos here.

    VG Bild-Kunst is as an association representing the copyrights of creators of visual art in Germany. The association also takes on social and cultural responsibilities for its members.

  • webpage relaunch

    My new webpage is now online

    Many thanks to everybody at

  • Rückblende

    1. prize

    Angela Merkel

    Happy to announce that I have been awarded the first prize at Germany’s annual Rückblende 2014 awards for political photography for my image of Angela Merkel at the Chancellor’s office in Berlin.

    In the newspaper die tageszeitung, it has been called a manifesto of power. The piece in die tageszeitung continues to describe Angela Merkel as standing in the midst of uncertainty, occupying a central position: with a clear head, knowledgeable, and keeping her distance. Those attributes, the text continues, are not only characteristics of Angela Merkel, but should be at the core of political photography in order to provide act as a compass in a precise and clear manner.